Free for all Mosh pit game mode

Since my last post was locked due to ‘duplicated idea’ I will have to go into more detail since that was a false reason to lock my post. It was locked for ‘swarms’ even though free for all is not ‘swarms’ so there is no reason to lock it.

Anyways this will be very detailed and lengthy. So be ready. My idea is to make a new mode similar to hypixels pit mode. Where it’s a fast paced, quick in and out pvp mode. Everyone for themselves. There will be many things to do in this mode, and here are some of them.

Kits: so… you choose a kit to your liking. And play with it and have fun! You can switch kits whenever, however this resets your level. This is because each kit will have their own level progressions, I will get more into this reason later. You can max out each kit to level 55 by eliminations in the mode.

Prestige: once your desired kit has reached level 55, you can prestige. You may ask why you should prestige? It’s simple. You get a prestige token upon prestige and you are able to open a prestige crate. (These crates can only be opened by in game progression meaning there is no PTW motions coming into play here) this crate will give you a random enchantment to up your game. E.g. sharpness I on your iron sword or prot 1 on your iron leggings. There will be a max of 5 total prestiges. Each prestige will give your name tag a different colour. Prestige 1 you will gain a green name. Prestige 2 will gain a dark blue name tag. Next a orange then a white and finally a red name tag for prestige MAX. NOTE: if you switch kits, prestige and level will not carry over and each kit will have their own desired level progression.

Shop: a shop which does NOT contain items that need to be bought with real money and can only be obtained with coins. Coins are obtained by eliminating a opponent. Eliminating someone with a sword will give 9 coins and a bow elimination will give 15. Coins can be used to increase your chances of staying alive. E.g 2750 coins for diamond leggings. However you do NOT keep these items bought forever. These items disappear upon death and can be bought again if you wish.

Events: events can happen to spice the game up. Every 15 mins or so a randomly voted event will happen. E.g Double Coins for 5 mins or No armour for everyone for 2 mins. These events will help the game not become stale. This is why I chose to have separate levels for each kit so there is a reason to not go to max and then stop.

Fresh start: a fresh start option is available once you have maxed every kit possible. A fresh start will de rank every kit back to level 1 and will lose all enchantments to armour and weapons. Although coins are kept on the player. Upon doing a fresh start you gain a new mix of green, blue, white, orange and red nametag to show off to everyone. Not only that but you also gain 1200 QP to use in the hub and you get a permanent upgrade to one thing on one kit. E.g iron chest plate to diamond chest plate. The fresh start option can only be used once to balance the game. Since technically you can be full diamond and become overpowering to everyone else.

Thank you for reading! I’m sorry if this was a long read but I and a lot of people would like this game. Have fun and stay safe!

This sounds like a cool idea, it would be nice to have. But I would say, and many others will most likely say it kind of sounds like copying off of Hypixel pit. They have prestige, events, your idea of Fresh start and to me sounds similar. But I would like to see what others say.


Hey IICranzII! Interesting suggestion… This idea seems really cool, and really complicated to me :joy:. The three biggest issues I have with this are: 1. If this is similar to a game on another server, why would the Hive want to add it? Also, why wouldn’t players just go play on the server which already has it established as their original game? 2. This idea doesn’t seem too friendly towards new players. The beauty of most (if not all) Hive games (in my opinion) is that they are extremely simple! They are easy to learn and a lot of fun. Something that has this many elements may lose players in the learning process. 3. Lastly… the Hive already has a Free-for-all game mode in Survival Games. While it isn’t exactly a mosh pit, it provides a solid, clean pvp experience many players are looking for. The chaos in a mosh pit mode wouldn’t even be comparable to the strategy required for other pvp games on the Hive. I don’t think this would be a go to game for the pvp player base on the Hive.

This isn’t really for newer players. Also the reason why people wouldn’t go to hypixels server is because we can’t. Many of hives playerbase is bedrock. And ps users only have the hive server really to play. That’s why. Also survivals games is completely different. You have to loot chests and it takes a while to complete a game. This is just a simple I’m and out game.

This is a hypixel type idea. I said it on the post I’m pretty sure. But a lot of my ideas aren’t on there either. Plus there is no bedrock server with this type of game mode. Cube craft has one in development but it doesn’t have this type of detail.