FPS Bug/Crosshair bug in Treasure Wars

Game: Treasure Wars:
All of the regions

What is the bug?
So basically after playing Treasure Wars for a while or maybe even 1 game your sensitivity starts becoming really choppy (Your crosshair is practically teleporting/inconsistent and it becomes an absolute pain to aim) and your FPS feels really low but on an FPS counter it will still show 60 FPS, I originally thought it was something with the Minecraft version but it only happens when I play Treasure Wars for a while no other gamemode

Device(s) & Version
PS4, however I do know a few people with good PC’s that the bug has been happening on since 1.19.50, but like I said the bug only happens in Treasure Wars from this version onwards and no other gamemode.

Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshots or videos of the bug, if it applies


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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. Can anyone else confirm the details of this issue or provide more information on how we can reproduce this as we are unable to replicate it.

Thanks in advance


Yes! It happens all the time on console. Whenver I binge play, my frames start to become choppy and it takes longer for the shop to open up. It is very painful, and every time i need to refresh my game.


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Has anyone experience this issue on the latest version? (1.19.62)

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