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Warn before necroposting

Have the forum page warn you before commenting on an old post

So reviving old threads is a bad thing right? I may have just come up with a all time new solution. Have a warning come up saying “There has not been a new reply on this thread in 7 days, are you sure you still want to post” <<Example obvs. You can even add potential threats such as punishments or something to stop them. This won’t stop necroposting indefinitely, but it’ll stop the “I didn’t know”. Because sometimes you fall victim and see a topic and think, oh wow let me share my opinion without the realisiation that the threads so old it surpasses your lifetime… ok prehaps not quite that old… but point stands, sometimes you genuinely don’t realise the age of the thread before you post, and it can be a reminder.

Necroposting - Reviving old and dead threads.

While I like the suggestion, I’ll note here that there is one caveat - the Hive forum runs on the Discourse forum software, which means a change like this isn’t too easy to implement. Well it can be done, I’m not too sure if Hive staff would want to put in that much effort to enforce just one rule.

Personally I think a clearly noted rule on the bumping/necroposting policy, and a reminder to check timestamps on a topic you haven’t seen on Latest in a while before replying would be easier to implement.


I don’t really like this idea. Sometimes, commenting on an old post is important to bring more informations, like for bug reports, confirmations, or other things. And 7 days is just too early. Maybe 1 month or 2 month, the site will ask you to confirmante before posting on an old thread.


I just* necroposted at hive costume ideas, is that bad? I think not, my point is that necroposting can be good sometimes and while I do think you should add a warning, I don’t think you should add punishments.

Edit: *Okay, maybe not “just” but still…

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I like this since sometimes I necropost without realizing it