Fly like a bee update suggestion! (refined)

Elytra course in deathrun

[Elytra course in deathrun could add a little more excitement and adrenaline to deathrun.]

Could be a long course with or without rockets. Elytra would be limited to 1 map

Elytra would be added to the player’s inventory after they go through the portal for the course. I suggest the map will be a new map.

elytra map idea:
players spawn in an airport. They try to do parkour courses in the sky because the map ends in a plane. (I just want to add that the sky can just be a course that looks like the sky but it’s actually ground) depends on the community whether the map will be a permanent gamemode or an LTM.

This is my elytra in skywars suggestion but I tried to make it practical.

Hmm. Nice, but have you played that free elytra map on console?

Just edit your main post don’t double post please

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interesting, but seems like it should be a new game mode all together

i feel like adding elytra to any of the current gamemodes would just change how they work and the gameplay too much, since it really adds a whole new aspect of flying that hasn’t been seen too much in previously games. it’s definitely something i think would have to be added into a new gamemode, or something like elytra parkour =)