Floating in Void

Skywars, it affects the gameplay since there’s a chance of you not getting the kill and counting it as a oopsie for the player.

The Bug it self happens when you knock someone off the edge and the player stays floating then dies and sometimes you don’t get the kill

Currently I am on my laptop so i don’t have a video, but will update it soon

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Any further information about this or videos would be very helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

He’s trying to say the people who lag spike/disconnected router does a lag spike fly which if long enough can lead to a oopsie

No, I think I understand what he meant, in treasure wars and skywars, some people, when falling in the void, after being hit by someone, disconnect from the server (at least I think that’s what they do) which freezes them in the void, long enough for the one who was attacking them to not get the kill they deserved. This can be simply fixed by extending the time the game considers you to have been the killer of the player, it’s too short right now in my opinion, not just for this situation.