FlashPoint helicopter propellers slowing-down

Within the Survival Games preview, FlashPoints spawn helicopter was implemented rotating propellers. However, the propellers rotate throughout the game at a constant speed which is strange as the helicopter appears to have crashed. I would love to see the propellers slow down as the game starts and in-turn stop rotating altogether.
This would give the effect that the helicopter has actually just crashed and with it, improving the backstory behind the map :smile:

i like that idea your ideas are really good om

Bruh who cares about the realism of it, it’s minecraft


yeah but you should at least put some effort in it


To add to this, what if in the start of the game (first 10 seconds) the helicopter is actually shown crashing and spitting out the chests?

That would be cool but difficult [directed at above message]

Orbixx, do you think the blades should slow down during the grace period and stop at the end? I think it would be really cool if the blades started at a rather fast speed and then slowed down gradually throughout the game.

Slowing down throughout the grace period, and then stopping altogether as the grace period ends sounds great :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: