Fix how Damage works

in the current way capture the flag works you can get infinitely combo’d by someone as theres no cool down between hits, meaning you can get stuck in the air if hit into a corner or if several enemies are attacking you. its very unfair to be stuck in the air unable to fight back.

i feel this is a good feature to ctf and it doesnt need change at all

being stuck unable to fight back is not a good feature. theres a reason attack cooldown exists in minecraft as a whole.

no actually they have the exact cooldown in ctf as they do in minecraft bedrock there is a cooldown its just not as the hive has a different cooldown which is less you are able to fight back its just u can fight back its harder it involves pure skill like i fell the hive did a good job use the cooldowns for ctf and the bridge

That applies to all pvp based games on the hive. Although I don’t agree with your current proposal to change it. There are still ways to combat it.

  1. Try to get blocks and tower up when being comboed
  2. Block their pathway or simply block them
  3. Use bows if you’re good at starting combo with it
  4. Try using speedberries for speed advantage
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i feel you are a helper i think you should apply everything you say is 100% TRUE

If this gets added, it would ruin pvp in the hive as it will all come down to gear and strategy and no skill.

And there are some other way to avoid being combo’d suah as:

-placing bllocks in front of your enemy

-run away and turning back to get the first hit

-manipulating your enemy’s aim to get the first hit and eventually winning the fight.

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yes it is based on skill basicaly noraml hive pvp

Cool down only exists in java, its skill issue if you are getting comboed

No, on bedrock vanilla there is a weird cooldown that I think works by only activating when you miss a hit, it’s just fairly subtle so you don’t notice it. Tbh I’m not sure what the point is.

So what you’re saying is remove comboing?

There is a cooldown wydm

What cooldown? In bedrock there is indeed a cooldown for pvp or as sweats say “Hit Cooldown” before you can hit a player.

My bad, i was thinking about spam click cool down

How u can ran away if he is blocked u?

Im sorry but what do you mean? And i dont know why u edited ur post like 4 times… Could you quote what your difficulties on my response to this post was?