Five nights at Freddy’s themed maps


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Have a fnaf themed mingame map
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So you dont like fnaf?

hey hive doesn’t have permission to do that if it is done without their permission naybe they will copyright stike the hive

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Hi there! I think some users would find it super cool to have FNAF themed maps! Like another user has mentioned there is an issue with copyright. I believe that the Hive would need to have permission to be able to create those kinds of maps. I could also see it not being the best fit for younger audiences since it could be a bit scary. Thank you for sharing this cool idea though! (Feel free to vote for your own suggestion as well ^-^) :blobheart:


I Love Fnaf To Me That Would Be Great

As long as they make it somewhat different to avoid copyright then this would be cool

hate it. thats just a maze of vents and that wouldnt be fun gameplay wise.

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