Final Death counter

I think that adding a Final Death counter on the website/waiting lobby would be a great idea. Some tools calculate FKDR, but it’s supposed to be final kills divided by final deaths.


Yeah because I die a lot of normal deaths but usually win the game in the end. A final death counter would be useful, 100% agree.
But if they haven’t been tracking the final deaths seperately since the beginning, they might not be able to do it.

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They could start calculating from the start of May, as the stats are monthly

Eh but I like to see my total stats

Well it doesn’t matter

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Necroing is discouraged.

Bringing a post back up for discussion if it needs to be is allowed.

but you just bumped it without adding anything, which is never allowed

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I asked an admin. It is allowed if the post can have further discussion.(although it doesnt seem to be working)

I have nothing else to say other than what I have said at the top and making a new post would simply a duplicate.

Bump again. A final kill / final death ratio shows how good you are. K/D doesn’t do that. Right now I’m calculating it by doing final kills/games lost, but it isn’t wholly accurate.

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bump again

after this one if no one sees this post im making a new one

There’s no need to create a new thread for the same suggestion. Perhaps players just aren’t interested in your idea. Also, features are released whenever there’s a major game update so this could be something they’re looking to implement in a future TW update.


I guess

This should be added as I would like to be able to calculate my FKDR like in Hypixel Bedwars as a Java player.

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Welcome, @PhantomVault

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But, isn’t that just:
Games played - Victorys

Final deaths dont mean that you lose a game. Games lost is the closest thing to that right now but you can still take a final death and have your teammate win.