Fill teams when they don't have 6 players


Fill up teams midgame with people who are queuing for the game already. This would make joining a game of capture the flag a lot faster & it would also make games a lot more fair as both teams would have the same amount of players.

I like the idea, also don’t forget to vote your own post!

How would gold work when you join in a game half way done? That’s what you are suggesting, right? If so, when would the cut off be? I’d say when a team gets two captures, so you won’t join a game thats about to end. Unless you are suggesting to start the game when there are exactly 12 people.


I can sort of see the concept of this, from someone who plays rocket league for example where u can join casual games midway I like the idea.

However there’s many questions surrounding this so its a grey area rn.

I think this is a GREAT idea although it’s kinda similar to Cubecrafts system, so hopefully that wont cause problems. I think this is something that should be added though because I’m tired of half my team leaving because the other team got the 1st capture, and then in the end, I find out that I’m the only person left on my team.

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bippity boppity b u m p
its a huge issue when parties leave and I think this is a great way to fix it
edit: how about coins? joining a game halfway through with no gear or money would kinda suck with the enemies bombing you with their better gear lol, so how about when you join you get the number of coins that you wouldve gained passively if you were playing the entire time?


good idea but like said earlier you would not have gear and when I q ctf I don’t want to be put in a game at a disadvantage

you would be able to spend your money on whatever you want, and its not like you would already have used money you got from kills and stuff for consumables earlier in the game bc you werent in the game until then if that makes like any sense whatsoever lol

yeah so that would not work

why not? you can choose what you buy if you want bombs rather than armor or smth

Yes but in the game you buy stuff but if you get at coins at once it ruins the game

so if you join midway through a game with no items or money its fun to fight people who already have diamond swords with iron armor and bombs?
you would get coins at the beginning to buy whatever you want rather than just being equipped with random crap


yes but i don’t think you get the point

this is clearly a cubecraft thing they don’t have a proper leveling system so its ok for them but on Hive it would mess up the leveling system in ctf

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right back atcha branryl

I’m here to say that this is not the best idea. I see that there are problems with players leaving games, as it is the gamemode that has the worst of these problems, however putting players that are expecting to play a normal game queue into a game that is in the middle of playing, and this does not sound like something that could be implemented. I play a lot of CTF, and if I had to play a ton of kid games, I’d probably stop playing as much.

So you bumped the post just to says it’s bad? :sob:

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ummmm. no I’m just saying showing them my opinion, and I also just wanted to point out some stuff