Faster Chorus Fruit Activation

I am tired of having my chorus fruit ready to eat when I fall into the void but not having the reaction time to eat it fast enough. So my suggestion is as soon as the first bite noise happens when eating the chorus fruit you get tp’d.
Edit/Update: After receiving feedback I have decided the chorus fruit should not be instantly activated but instead activate faster. Based on a comment by the hive helper “RealGryffYT” the chorus fruit will take the same amount of time it takes to eat dried kelp.

As a mobile YES YES YES
In tw freeshop cs games sweats will hit me off and my slow reaction time will cause me to die before eating the fruit

maybe not instantly id like 3 bites

This would be too overpowered as you could instantly teleport when someone was killing you and I believe a main function what will keep this item what it is would be eating time.


So removing the skill element to it?

I feel like this would be way too op


Then why not add auto clutch ?
So that people who don’t have enough reaction time can clutch easily

I agree with Louis that this is Op


I don’t play mobile, but you would still need to ‘long press’, so it wouldn’t be that much of a difference, unless you’re suggesting you punch with it.

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Ah yes because there is skill to holding down left click.

No, chorus fruits annoy me people run and use it to go to their base and run again this would make it more annoying


You literally said that your reaction time stopped you clutching. Improving it takes time, and is definitely a skill.

Maybe have it so it takes the same amount of time to eat as dried kelp. It’s quicker but still takes a bit. Nevertheless, I think this is great!


If it’ll make you happy I’ll change it to faster chorus fruit activation.

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