False kick bug on spectator side

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What is the bug?
If a player puts a block where you are when spectating, it will be recognized as a cheater and may be kicked by mistake.

Device(s) & Version
windows10.version 1.19.41or42.

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Thanks for taking the time to report this issue. We were wondering if you perhaps had a video or a replay ID of this happening? Because this is the first time we’re hearing of this issue we’d like to investigate it a little bit further.


I don’t have a replay pass and I don’t know how to upload a video, so it’s easy to accidentally kick ↓
In hide-and-seek, teleporting to a player hiding in a hiding place with a height of 2 cells can occasionally kick you.

I’m writing the sentences with Google Translate, so I’m sorry if the sentences are strange.


Hello! :wave:
I think I found why this is happening!

This could be caused by, for example you're in a SW game, and in a small hole, the player places blocks in that hole while you're in there, you then get kicked of Woodpecker for this, since you got in the hole.

I will edit this post if I find a video.


This may be looked into by our anti-cheat team in the future,

Stay safe and well

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