Factor in Final Kills in the K/D Hub Title

When I got the K/D hub title, I expected something a bit over 1. instead, I got 0.88. I have 585 kills, 207 finals, and 680 deaths. yes ik Im not incredible but Im having fun ok crikey I think the title should say have about a 1.16 K/D yea I did the math Im smort as finals are worth more than kills if any different, so why exclude them?

vote for this people my post is flawless

This is a good idea, it makes no sense that it does that. Voted!


So kills divided by death would be (kat brain starts whirring) … 0.86 ≠ 0.88 so ummmm


thats just what it said when I put the title on, I started letting my friend try to carry me so I died more lol

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Hive Staff, correct me if I’m wrong, but Final Kills are part of your regular kill total. If you haven’t noticed, a Final Kill still adds a kill to your kill counter on the top of the screen.

That’s incorrect. You don’t have 585 kills plus 207 (or 792 kills), you only have 585, since Final Kills factor into your regular kills. Your 0.88 K/D ratio is completely correct.


So why not keep them seperate as thats confusing but also 0.88 isnt right because if you do the maths its 0.86

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Hm. Actually, it is 0.86 K/D ratio. I did the math. I’ll make a bug report on this.


its .86 at the moment, but it was .88 when I put it on. I dont have the mod that shows your own nametag or anything so I only know what it says when I use that title

When you get a final kill, it is added to your kill stat AND your final kill stat.

Adding the final kill stats when calculating your K/D would mean that it would not be accurate, as your final kills would be counted twice.