/f retractall

Simple Idea!
A command that lets you retract all friend invites!

I have a lot of pending friend requests to go and remove, but I never have time to go do them. So this would help!

And as TwoBytes said, it would also be a great idea to add /f acceptall!

@Bubblez705 I don’t think ThunderBoomPika is talking about removing all of your friends, I think they are talking about retracting all of your outgoing friend requests.

That said, this is not a bad idea but because it’s such a small thing it probably won’t be prioritized very highly. However, it would be good to add this as consistency with /f denyall. Maybe they could even add /f acceptall!

If they do add this, I think they should also add it as a button in the friends menu.


hey keb, I think this already exists. Isn’t it /f denyall. idk :beedance:. also merry christmas

/f denyall denies all the friend invites from other people, and in this post I was saying that a retractall command could work, by this I mean like, say you have 50 pending invites that you sent to people, but never added you. Then you could run the command, /f retractall, and take all the invites away from the inbox.