Extra Items For The Sheriff / Murderer

Whole idea was from @charaXxmurd465

[ ^^ Chara didn’t say it herself because she didn’t know how to explain it properly, so here I am lol :sweat_smile: ]

Ok, so basically Chara’s idea was that on specific maps, ( like just, 2 of 5 maps currently ) there would be a special extra item in the sheriff’s and murderer’s Inventory that they could use to their advantage!

The item would be Fitting to the Theme of the map, so for example, the Items that would be on the map Warehouse :

Extra Item for Sheriff - a forklift that you could deploy and ride on
while you are riding you are invincible
you can ride it for 8 seconds
cooldown = 75 seconds

Extra Item for Murderer - a one shot bow that you stole from warehouse, but it has no arrows ( after 10 coins still )
use it to trick innocents
no cooldown, but then again no arrows!!

^^ my idea of the items ( just for example )
Would making the Sheriff and Murderer have additional items make them overpowered / unfun to play with ?
Do you have Other Extra Item ideas for each Map and Role ?

Please leave your opinion! :sunny:

Again, Thanks @charaXxmurd465 for the interesting idea :smile:

In a post not too long ago said they won’t be adding new items to murder mystery because it would make the game more complex and they want the game to be as simple as possible because of the large young demographic the bedrock edition has.

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But nah rather not have these things in the game.