Event weeks/weekends

I’ve seen stuff about double xp weekends and stuff like that but it could be so much more, such as double questpoints for a weekend. I feel that double xp weekends could be for just one gamemode at a time, they could put it in a rotation so every weekend is a different game. They could also do half price week in games such as treasure wars. A speed week where everyone has the effect of swiftness. And maybe community events where we work together to reach a goal, such as capture 1000 flags in capture the flag, if we reach that community goal we get a hub title or maybe just a randomized costume. Possibly even ltm weeks, doesn’t mean new games, just different versions of games. Such as Skywars Rolaye. This would also help content creators, I’ve heard a lot struggle with making fresh content because its the same stuff over and over again. Weekly events could fix that and get the community to work together! (Community goals would be so cool to see!!!)


I know some servers with “Double XP Weekends” and after all, it is a cool feature to have as most people would generally be online at a weekend when there is no work or school to do but in terms of levelling up in the hive, it would be a much faster pace. You could grind out CTF level 20 within one weekend if this was a thing.

Double questpoints would be wayyyy too OP ngl. Lets be honest. Hive+ users can use 8 quests per day and if you double that outcome, it would be a (Censored) ton of questpoints to spend!

Going back to double XP weekend, you do realise, people can have up to 3x XP boost for one game if this was to actually be a feature? Let me explain:

  • The base amount of XP given is 100% (1.0x Multiplier)
  • If it was a double XP weekend, it would be 200% (2.0Multiplier)
  • Now if we get the Hive+ people in here, it would be 250% (2.5x Multiplier)
  • And finally if we have enough questpoints or already have a booster, it would shoot all the way to 300% (3.0x Multiplier)

This would make games that are generically hard to grind become so much easier. (If you get what I mean of course)

This would actually be a good balance instead of it for being every game. However this is still quite OP because of the 3x Multiplier that can be gained from this.

spits drink out of mouth SLASHED PRICING?!?! ok ok ok. So. Swords and blocks typically cost 5 gold each (I don’t play treasure wars its what I remember) and with that 5 gold you can get both. There’s gonna be a TON of chaos. Believe me.

  • People getting stacked to quickly
  • Games will be way shorter
  • Some noobs wont have an idea what’s going on
  • Decimals???

This seems useless. “Spell Of Swiftness” and “Speed Berries” should be thrown away for a weekend.


There’s a bingo board, there are personal goals and community goals!

Complete a row = tokens
tokens = buy things from token shop
token shop = unlocks and cosmetics

The hive team will be put under too much pressure making a ltm every week

I agree with all this

Final Notes

Overall, this suggestion has its benefits and downsides. The community goals will be pretty cool to see! While the double XP will have its downfalls.

If you would like, I can re-make this suggestion with better ideas ect (With your permission)

So after that. Its an okay suggestion!

I will make a suggestion on monthly bingo later (Not a dupe). I copyright the suggestion until I make it >:)

Small Reminder: You can also vote for your own suggestion!


Alright you pointed out a lot of problems with this, also you can re-make this suggestion. I didn’t mean a new ltm every week, just another thing to go in the rotation along with xp and other things.

The half priced thing for treasure wars and capture the flag could be an ltm. I think it would be fun because of the chaos.

Speed boost doesn’t need to be anything high like 2, just something small like 1.2 so berries and spells would still work. Could also just be an ltm. I didn’t care for this idea at all but I felt like I needed to say more ideas for this suggestion.

Double xp is quite a lot so maybe something much smaller like 1.2 as well. Possibly be only games that take a long time to level up in such as groundwars and just build and we will just say treasure wars since that has 600 levels.

Maybe with the questpoints it could be 1.5 but instead it could have a cool down time after completing one.

The community goals stuff could go so many ways but would be amazing just to have something like that. I’ll let you have your fun with thinking of ideas.

I tried to come up with simple ideas so it wouldn’t be too hard for the developers but it’s a little hard since those ideas have a lot of issues.

Maybe even an ltm of “death tag,” its a skywars custom game that you have half a heart, no armor, no boom boxes or bows, no fall damage and you just try to hit as many players as possible since it’s an instant kill. (Pretty fun game)

Try to give them plenty of ideas so they could do simple ones first so they can work on bigger ones while the smalls ones get released and go into rotation.

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