Escape from the stage

Campsite in Capture The Flag

He escaped from the world by passing through the barrier block.

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Hey there,

Could you possibly provide a video showing how they escaped, or a replay ID so we can look into this?



I think by doing that what I do the glitch is possible I had really good ping there it didn’t worked out there (this was in a cs (maybe if I go on another region it will work))
I think it should be fixed because the person who has the flag can do this and stay there forever.
However I don’t think hive can do that much against it since you have to destroy blocks to get the flag

One solution is: maybe just add multiple layers of barriers so that the players get errored

This is also possible in hds bc you can destroy blocks there too in games like mm you cant really destroy blocks (the breaking animation wont even appear)

It sadly works on every map

Thank you

Stay safe! :blobheart:


Sorry, I don’t have the video from that time.
I’d like to provide a replay ID, how can I do so?

/recentreplays or just replay
A replay ID- if for an example

Or go into replay and it is the long number on top of your screen

There are the 2 ways getting it :blobheart:

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This is your replay ID.
Also, I think he’s using a bug, so it’s against the rules.
So I think he needs to take appropriate action.

That’s what he did

Have a greate day :blobheart:

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Thanks, this issue has been logged.

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This issue has been fixed :tada: