"Errands" mechanic (murder mystery)

Hello! i have a cool suggestion for Murder Mystery called Errands!

Errands can be random tasks that innocent players can complete to gain XP on different maps. There can be 1-2 errands in a map and the errands would be themed around that map.
for example:
Lets say there is a library themed map? well maybe you need to collect a few randomly scattered books and place them on different shelves around the map. or maybe in a office map you need to turn on all the lights!
once you complete a task, you will be rewarded with a nice amount of XP! (the amount can be determined by the hive team).
i think this would be a very cool idea and give innocent players more to do while keeping an eye out for the murderer :smiley:

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This is a great idea! I would like to see how this would play out in MM! I just have one question, did you get the inspiration from Among Us? :thinking: Voted! :beedance:

Edit: Don’t forget to vote for your own posts! :ballot_box:

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among us tasks smh

A better alternative to keep innos moving around with an incentive is to bring back the Halloween souls around gravestones and be able to spend those souls on some cosmetics/unlocks (zapper trails, gravestones, throwables, etc).


I thought the same thing as I read this post :smiley:

Anyways, I don’t really see a need for this as hive likes to add their own games rather than taking big inspiration from a current game they want it to be unique for more players to rejoin back. I do like this idea tho, so I guess I will vote :slight_smile:


LOL SAME that’s funny


Ik same. thats why I asked them that.

Excluding the Among Us vibes, I like the idea. I also love how the errands aren’t mandatory and just an optional way to earn bonus xp. There is a slight problem though. I’m worried that the murderer will take advantage of this and camp these errand locations to bait innocents.

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Once again, EVERY game copies stuff from other games. It’s not a bad thing at all, it’s great for everyone. Here’s an example(I’m not gonna find it to get an exact copy of what the hive said, I’m too lazy), “it’s hard to ignore the wide spread feature of seasons, popularized by Fortnite, so we are adding tw seasons.”
What this person was suggesting is tasks to get xp, while among us you do tasks to win as innocent or vote out the killer(s). It’s not a copy, so it’s perfectly fine, plus other games have tasks too.

Now to my opinion on the actual post. I do like this idea, but I do find Absurd’s suggestion a lot better. Id be fine with either being added, but I’d prefer the souls. One needs to happen, the game is pretty boring in my opinion.

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Ah yes I didn’t take this into consideration thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

me too bro

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I like among us and would like tasks if there was any way to add them into minecraft without them playing like trash. I agree that souls are a better mechanic for a minecraft minigame.

It would be nice if this implemented into all maps not just backrooms (which is the hive copying someone btw) and castletown bcus it is really fun doing the stuff in the new maps (in fairy garden you can only open mailboxes so idk)

Are there tasks in Backrooms? Ik you can turn off the lights and do the computer code thing, but I wouldn’t call those tasks.

A lot of people are calling this suggestion as “not being unique” enough because it follows a similar way for how Among Us works. However, I feel like I have a need to disagree. Among Us in of itself isn’t original either. It’s a Murder Mystery-esque game in which you have to find who the Murderer (Impostor) is. This idea has evolved countless of times through many other games and even in other servers like Hypixel! And it’s not like the errands actually do anything unlike Among Us, it just gives extra XP for Hive’s hardest gamemode to prestige on.

How? I haven’t done that yet ive tried wacking computers in backrooms, like i usually do in office, but nothing happens???

Also i didnt really mean ‘tasks’ i just meant like unique stuff only in that map like the flashlight and cupcake (i havent played enough of the map to know all of the stuff and havent done the lights off although that might be kreepy , despite mm being my favourite game!!!)