Enchanting table in pvp games

idea: adding an enchanting table to sg, tw and sw

it would be so useful to be able to enchant things and you will get levels by collecting, mining and looting things plus killing people

It woud make Games like Tw overpowerd

Also https://forum.playhive.com/t/adding-manual-enchantments-to-weapons-and-tools-in-treasure-wars-with-enchanting-table/20609

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why? it would make treasure wars rng and sky wars more rng. also, you can play on other servers that have this feature (hypixel has it, as well as cubecraft (i think))

hipixel is on java fyi…

yeah i know it was just another option

bad idea, games would be unfair and unbalanced

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I don’t see how as everyone would be able to do it