Enable PBR for preview users

Mojang is working on this pbr resource pack ability and it currently can only be used on worlds that have that setting enabled.

I just discovered that minecraft preview players can join the server, so I’m suggesting to enable the preferred technical preview experiment on the hive, so we can test our pbr pack in the server.

Pbr/Deferred Technical Preview is still on testing but they’re planning to make it availible for all bedrock platforms. It’s not the same as shaders or rtx, although it does look similar in my opinion.

Here’s a screenshot of my pbr test pack. There are better packs though.

What is PBR? Is it like realistic textures?

Anyway if I can use this in game it would be great so voted.


I can’t explain it very well, so here’s a copy of the definition set in an add-on creators’ discord:

Deferred = a rasterization-based rendering technique for drawing a scene. It is unique in that it “defers” lighting until the latest possible stage, taking advantage of the GPU’s depth buffer. This revolution in rendering enabled games to have 100s or 1000s of lights in a single scene. Prior to this, rendering was purely “forward” and lights didn’t scale nearly as elegantly. Hybrid techniques and “forward+” solutions have since been developed that utilize the best of both worlds.

Deferred Technical Preview in Minecraft = a hybrid deferred/forward+ implementation of Minecraft, utilizing no ray tracing capabilities.

It’s like you can set how much blocks deflect light, glow, how some pixels are higher than other pixels, and can change other things like colour of lights. And it’s less laggier than using rtx.
It’s currently still on preview but it should come to normal Minecraft too somewhen.


so pbr is basically just ray tracing but better performance? looks pretty cool, Im all for it although Im still waiting for rtx on xbox x lol


pbr = physics based rendering
pbr and deferred are 2 different things , and there is no reason for hive to do that since mojang is gonna officialy release it at some point and be usable like rtx


Btw i remeber them announcing it but for what platforms and when

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