Emoji Reactions πŸŽ‰

Hello all! :wave:

We’ve just enabled a new feature on the forums: Emoji Reactions!

You are now able to react to posts and comments with various emojis, in addition to the regular :heart:

To add a reaction to a post or comment:

  • On PC - Hover your mouse over the like/heart icon
  • On a phone or tablet - Long press on the like/heart icon

We’ll likely be tweaking this feature in the coming days, so let us know what you think!

Happy reacting!


I am not TOO active on the forums but this is definitely something I would use, nice addition in my opinion :smiley:

make this message have most egg reactions thank u


yes yato i particularly agree with this statement


wow this is pretty cool

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egg !!!

eggs are cool


This is absolutely egg-tastic!



I just realized you can’t react to your own thing first :joy:


LOL I tried too, don’t worry sir

This is such a smart and cool idea. Love it! :beedance: :heart_eyes:

Is there set reactions or can you react more then the set emojis in the hotbar type thingy

I feel like a forum noob all over again lol

There is a set of reactions that we have defined :+1:

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E g g

Cool thanks splodger

This is Totally Awesome!

Great Job Splodg3r!!!

Can there be a stat where it’s most eggs given

And most eggs received ig


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Would the community be allowed to suggest certain emojis to add as reactions or no?

I would suggest the thinking emoji

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For now we’ll be sticking with these ones, we don’t want there to be a huge list of emojis.

We may well add in a new emoji, or swap one out based on feedback :slight_smile:


Thank you, good to know ^-^

Woah this is cool, poggers.

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this is really cool!

the egg reaction is eggsellent! :egg:

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Egg… 1 word. Cool update though