Emerald shop in middle

So I think all items that cost emeralds are too easy to get for how good they are. So hear me out, maybe adding a shop in mid to buy everything that costs emeralds might make it a bit harder to get emerald loot.

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how??? How??? HOw??? HOW???
how would this make it harder???


So if people are getting emeralds they can kill them whilst in the shop

this suggestion doesn’t make a lot of sense in my opinion

ok. I really just thought of it 10 minutes ago

It would make it essayer,

and if they were scared then they can just, you know go to there base.
But why would anyone do that when they can just buy it instantly at mid

ummmm that would make it easier?! all you have to do is click a shopkeeper and get stacked, you dont have to make a perilous journey back to a base

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I dont know. Just makes it so when there are all teams in mid people can’t just get dmd armour in 5 minutes

This can probably be closed


That would make it easier tbh