Egg Hunt not in the hub

You remember Hive-O-Ween of how they added souls to collect in Murder Mystery? Well why not do it for more holidays, like Easter. So add the egg hunt in survival games! In my opinion it’s much more fun than around the hub everytime. This also makes it more challenging, you’d have to worry about being killed before finding any eggs. The eggs could be randomly placed around the maps, kinda like the cows.
It may be too soon for this year, but hopefully next year!

Hey there, hive doesnt usually add tge Easter update until a bit later on. And while they are working on larger updates right now, you will probably have to wait a bit for it to come out. With regards to this idea, I do quite like it. It could hopefully revive a very dead gamemode on the hive. Perhaps make it a bit more obvious that you mean SG in your post because it’s not very clear.


Small bump, I know it’s probably too early for them to even be able to do this. But I still have a little hope that they could do it, that’s why I’m bumping it.

this seems like an amazing idea, voted!

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