Economy Shops (Tw Gamemode)

Economy Shops is basically the same thing as Treasure wars but the Shop has a new Mechanic

When people buy a lot of an Item it Increases in value meaning. Ex if people buy a lot of Wool, Wool Increases in Price from 5 gold to 10.

When people don’t buy a lot of an Item in Decreases in value meaning. Ex if Almost no one Buys Wood, Wood Decreases in Price from 10 Gold to 5.

(And Golden apple don’t have a limit)

so basically, when the first person gets full dia it only costs 10???

no If like 5 people get diamond amour it goes down to like 20 ems

Hive can do what they want with this. they can make it 4 people or 10 ems. That’s just a Guess of something balanced

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Thsi would be a great mode, though I think this should be a CS option as many players wouldn’t play this. I think though instead of doubling it should increase by 1 of an item or a percentage.