Easier way to get to the VIP lounge

A /q vip/ VIP command:

The /q vip or /vip will teleport you to the vip building

or maybe the compass will have a button to teleport you there

since getting to the vip lounge takes a while, i think this will make it easier to get to!


just to clarify, you do have to finish the quest first right?

Just that it took me a while to get to the VIP lounge itself


Not bad, I mean the hub itself is big and sometimes it takes minutes to find it. Voted for it.

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Bump because more people got 100 mailbots

pls don’t bump unless if you can add something to the original idea.

If i’m honest this would be an excellent idea.

Normally it takes a while having to locate the VIP spire and having to take a LOOONNNNGGG trip up a big elevator just to get to the top of the spire.

The command will warp you the top of the spire just outside of the elevator as if you have taken the long process to get up there in the process.

If a player tries to use the command and has below 100 mailbots, they will be given a message from the security npc saying "Hey! You need %amount% more mailbots to use this command!%.

Command alias could be:

  • /viplounge
  • /lounge
  • /vipspire
  • /spire

Overall great suggestion xL1ghtning1729!


Yeah sorry but they added a costume there

A shortcut I found-

Go to the Mailbot HQ parkour course and jump off from there ( after exiting parkour). Then, go to your right, you will see stairs leading down, go down and entwr the building on your right, go around for soemtime and you’ll get the elevator to the lounge

Although, a command to instant tp to the tower would be good too
But, imo, it isn’t needed that much


This is a great idea! You have my vote!

Yeah I like this because I normally head up there when I log on to see who’s up there. Tip: crouch out the elevator more than halfway up and you tp to the top.

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bump so more people would see this- amazing topic