Duplicate Post Possibility Expiration Date

So my idea is that after a certain amount of time of a post being created the post will no longer be capable of being used as a reason for a similar post to be labeled a duplicate. I feel like this would be beneficial because it can restir conversations about topics from long ago! My proposed expiration date is one month after the post has been made it can no longer be used as a reason why a post is a dupe.


it’s a rule so the forums doesn’t become clogged up with multiple posts of the same idea. also it’s not that hard to go and look up the idea that you wanted to make a suggestion about, and if it’s an old post just bump it and add some useful discussion to it.

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a) What traffic said.

b) it would have to be at least 6 months - a year I’d say

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I will agree on that considering dupe post are closed to maintain the original ones to be voted instead.