Duos Matchmaking Improvment

In the game “build it duos” it should start pairing you with a teammates as they join. Rarely does it ever pair you with a teammate because they games are rarely full. If it paired the 1st and 2nd person that join together, then the 3rd and 4th person together, and so on, almost everyone would get a teammate instead of almost never getting a teammate because they games are almost never full.

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Hello @TMONEY1087 ! Welcome to the forums :wave:. Hope you enjoy your stay here :).

Anyways, I think I like the suggestion, because I also have a similar problem of not having a teammate sometimes.

However this could be fixed by having a friend to party up with :tada:.

Welcome to the forums @TMONEY1087 ! Hope you enjoy your stay here! :wave: :beedance:

First of all, its Just Build not this

Overall this is a good suggestion but the teammates could be pretty annoying sometimes and do random things and can be fixed by partying up with a friend.

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First of all, who cares. Secondly, why even include matchmaking then?

My suggestion was a to fix matchmaking and was not a request for a work around. Thanks anyway.

are you talking about who cares abt the name of the game? or something else

Err… who you talking to? If you want to reply to someone specific, please use the reply button of the person you want to reply to to not cause any confusion within the topic.

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