Drunkard kit

with this kit, u will spawn with 2 bottles/potion. when u drink, not only u will gain strength 2, but also 2 extra hearts (or healing). but there is a catch, u will gain nausea or slowness too. each kill gives u a bottle or mining gold ores. when drinking, there is a chance that u will suddenly take damage for 2-4 sec. btw, pls make some suggestions
on this of how i can make this better :slight_smile:

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If you look at our current kits, they are supposed to help us at game, but as you mentioned it would damage players sometimes doesn’t seem a good idea to me

I don’t think anyone would use this kit if it gave you nausea

unless you like turned off nausea or smth tht is a true statement

Hive would never use this name for a kit.

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