Double Pearl Speed

Double pearl speed

When you throw a pearl, you gotta throw it quite high. If the place you are pearling to is far away, then you need height on the pearl. However, once you add more height, you’ll be decreasing the horizontal throw, therefore decreasing the distance you can pearl up too. If we doubled the pearl speed, we would be able to teleport to places that are far away. This would be sooo good when it’s tricky to get the exact height on where you need to aim your pearl. No more pearling into the wall!

Another benefit from this is that you’ll teleport quicker too! Take this situation for example;

Your playing sw. You get knocked off. You see you have a pearl in your hotbar and you throw it. 1 second goes by. 2 seconds go by. You die and lose the game. Your pearl is still going and teleports you away. You would’ve survived it the pearl landed quick enough.

I know this has happened to me countless times. Making pearls quicker, would mostly avoid this.

Here another situation:

Your playing sw. Your fighting someone. they have better gear then you. You realised you are gonna lose this fight so you pearl away. The opponent gets a couple more hits on you before the pearl lands. When the pearl lands, your so low that you die from the pearl.

Speeding up the pearl would also mostly solve this situation too

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They really should remove pearl damage ngl. It shouldn’t do 5 hearts


It doesn’t do 5 hearts, it does 5 damage


I thought they made the pearl this way on purpose, kind of like how they made arrow physics more wonky. The maps are relatively small and a stronger bow or pearl might be too much. But that’s just how I see it.


Bump because it’s still impossible to clutch on mobile and pearls movement doesn’t feel right. Also I saw a duplicate sooo

  1. This would make it too easy for noobs to escape
  2. The current system requires more skill with clutching (yes it’s annoying that some maps are trash for clutching)

so? they are newbies and they need to skill so they can get better even having a lower level are turn into a pro

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Yeah but it makes mobile players impossible to clutch. There are already soooo many disadvantages so we don’t need another one in the game. Please think for all the players and not just those that are advantaged.
I have never ever pearl clutched on Hive.

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