Don't touch _____ color

Don’t touch a certain color:

[The basic idea of the game is players are dropped into a random arena that they vote on and they can’t touch a random color that is chosen in that game )similar to the ones in the marketplace] I think this would be a fun game that should be added to the hive :slight_smile:

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it’s like blockparty but reverse? or am i reading this wrong?



no not like a block party in this game you are put in a small Minecraft world and have to not touch a color like green so u wouldn’t be able to touch leaves grass or stuff like that. Also what is block party never heard of it?

Block party I’m pretty sure it’s a game from Java hive where you are given a colour and you need to be on that color before the time runs out. If you fail to do this, you are eliminated.

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oh sounds fun is that being added to arcade?

I hope so

This seems like it would be a fun minigame, but I would be very bad at it.

I would wonder why