DON'T Remove Levels

I saw in a Defectt video that Hive has plans to remove the leveling system from Bedwars. Unless by ‘remove’ they mean ‘replace with a system that works better with seasons’, this will be absolutely hated by the community.

I understand that it’s supposed to make the game

  1. more friendly to new players and
  2. less sweaty

but with no goal to achieve by gaining XP, theres pretty much no reason to play other than some fun. This could easily destroy BW’s remaining playerbase (many people think Hive has been handling Bedwars poorly), and I don’t think Hive is thinking enough about the sweats. Keep in mind, if Hive’s sweaty portion of the playerbase leaves, the only half decent place for them to go is Cubecraft, which could easily snowball into Hive’s untimely demise due to Cubecraft taking over.

Actually for me Hive have sweats in every game, not only pvp. Also Hive is known for its unique non-pvp games. And from my friends, hive currently have the best kb in bedrock server and the best anticheat in featured servers. So cube won’t beat hive so easily.
The sweats could just choose other games like sw or mm or hns, hive had 13 games come on

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the thing is theres pvp sweats and casual game sweats, the casual sweats are just a lot less common. about half of hives playerbase is pvp and the other half is casual, half to two thirds the pvp playerbase are sweats and only maybe a quarter of the casual playerbase are sweats. tw was hives most popular pvp mode but if its replacement fails, my guess is that half will go to skywars and half to another server, rather than a casual game

hide and seek (a respectable chuck of the playerbase) is sort of in the middle of pvp and casual as it involves both the hiding and the aim, movement etc

I’m just confused… did you fall for some April fools prank and think it was so real that you suggested something about it… :skull: (I did a yt prank of my own, and would hope no one thinks it was this real)

It is literally confirmed that more levels are gonna be added throuout season 1, with prestiging in the future


They did fall hard for it lol


bro you fell for it so hard :skull:


The description of the video is “we do a little trolling”…

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This was an April Fools prank by a creator.

When it comes to claims about future updates or features, unless it’s coming directly from a Hive Team member or an official announcement, it’s best to exercise caution.