Don't count the place blocks quest if the game is not finished

There is a Just Build quest where you place blocks. I believe the 30 quest points one has you place 200 blocks, although I’m probably wrong.

I tested this some time ago. Essentially someone could just queue into a game of Just Build, start spamming blocks everywhere until they finish the quest, and then do /hub. A 30 quest points quest can be done in probably half a minute if they are good at it.

I don’t think that’s right, so I suggest that in order for the quest to count they must finish the game first. That would encourage people to actually build something so they don’t get reported for off-topic.

I don’t think this is a duplicate

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that’s for once a really good idea

I’m not sure how exaclty the quests system works, and I definitely agree with this suggestion, but this does kind of seem like a really pointless, dumb quest. So I’d hope the hive would just replace this with like “Win 2 Just Build games in a row” or something


This quest is too easy in my opinion. 30 QP for placing 200 blocks in giving away free money.

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Impossible, people don’t vote right, they always vote meh. And it’s even more impossible to win twice.

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I’m probably one of the worse just build players out there and have done it, and for a 30 point quest I think it is reasonable.

ah frick they caught me in the act

anyway yeah this should be fixed tho so people dont abuse it ;)

sorry but i was in a rush to get qp because am simp