Don’t have a name for this

Still need a name for it but my idea is an item in treasure wars, 4 diamonds maybe more, that makes the user stuck in one position for 12 seconds yet also take a reduced amount of damage. I know it would take quite a bit to implement but I think it would be good for the meta. Players would be able to use this to regenerate health without escaping there opponent and this could only be used every 30 seconds. It would allow players to not get knocked off bridges and is balanced by the lack of ability to move, this feature would not be available to diamond armour players as it would make them over powered.
I’m still trying to decide how much damage reduction should happen 75-100%. And it could even be in tiers so that the more u pay the more reduction. I do think this should be in the specials category for anyone wondering.

I kind of disagree with this, this would be pretty useless. I don’t think this would get you any more healing than a gapple, and if it wasn’t 100% damage reduction, you’d end up taking damage if you used it & not gain much. Plus, it wouldn’t actually stop killing people on bridges, you’d just get spleefed if you used it

That would be kind of dumb, either add it or not. How would you even stop them from using it? Check if they have dia armor and do nothing if they do?


Ehhhh I disagree

people don’t use gapples so this would give them more of a use, also the game can tell if someone has diamond armor and this would prevent people being overpowered.

I don think damage reduction should be able to be that high and also the ptw idea behind it I don like

I said that I haven’t uet decided on the damage reduction, if anyones has anyway to imrpove it tell me