Do not draw at JB

[This may sound a little unfair, but it was only my point of view.]
I like JB and I was always doing my best to build and vote reasonably, but many days ago, when I was playing with my friends, Something really made me annoyed.

The theme for that round was Ice cream and we build really hard(but it’s not that good due to the limited building skills), however, there are 6 pixel arts(drawn on the ground) in the 12 works, and the top 3 was among those 6 pixel arts.[Sorry I didn’t take photos at that round :frowning: ]

I do admit that having a good drawing skill is also amazing, but this is Just Build, not Just Draw, so please build not just making pixel arts on the ground.

The solution for myself is to downgrade the vote(for example if I was going to vote great, I would only vote good if it was a pixel art.), I thought this might be hard to deal with as everyone’s opinion is different, maybe some of you would think pixel art was also a part of building.

In fact I just want a fair competing, pixel art was great, but it was easy to do compared to those complex builds(in my opinion). I was also considering if there’s possibility for a new mode for those who like drawing to play

PS: I’ve tried to search such topic but I didn’t find a similar one(maybe the key word isn’t right…), so if it’s a dupe please tell me.

I also get frustrated by this, but JB has a voting system that allows people to vote for what they like best. I know you put a lot of effort into your build and believe me, I know how it feels, but they voted for the pixel art because they liked it. I don’t think this system needs a rework but again, this is an annoying problem.


Perhaps Hive may be able to bring DrawIt (A Hive Java gamemode) to bedrock? Maybe that might encourage more pixel art builders to move there?


Sometimes, it saddens me when I see people making voting advice like this:

Report: blank, no effort, off topic, nsfw
Meh: unfinished, low quality, or pixel art
Okay: finished but with low quality
Good: thought out and finished, medium quality
Great: nicely designed, lots of effort, and high quality
Love: insane detail, textures, and overall performance

where pixel art automatically receives a meh or some sort of deduction. If I’m being honest, I don’t see pixel art in JB as a problem. People might say it takes less effort or that it’s not creative, but in reality, it’s just another building style. Some might even say it’s a strategy to get more out of less. Now obviously if it’s copied directly from the internet, then yeah, I can see your point. But IMO there shouldn’t really be any reason to automatically deduct points or ratings from original pixel art. Vote based on how good you think it looks, not the number of dimensions it has!


I admired those who could do wonderful pixel arts.
And I said downgrading was just my solution, in fact I didn’t mind this until that round. Some people just want to use pixel arts to win because they were easy to build and this could be really annoying. I won’t mind if there’s only one or two pixel arts, but that round has six! It’s not drawing, it’s building. Just like building a house, can you live in a two-dimension house?(This is just an example and I didn’t know if it suits)
And I only vote meh when it is off topic, blank and inappropriate


they could maybe try to filter this by not showing builds that only go on one layer of blocks?

I totally agree. Why all the hate on pixel art? I admire people who can make good art no matter what style they’re using. Pixel art isn’t bad, just another style.

In fact I didn’t hate pixel art at first. I know some people can do really nice pixel arts and I’m willing to vote a high score to them, I just hate those who want to use this way to win.(And pixel art is really easy compared to building)
But everyone has different opinion, so I just gave my solution and I didn’t force anyone to agree my opinion, tbh this is really a complex problem.

But sometimes it seems unfair when you were defeated by a pixel art when you put much effort to your building.

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I don’t think I’ve seen a single original pixel art while playing. Just look around on google for like a minute, then build what you find. If you did 5 minutes then you have like 3 minutes to do whatever, I watched tik toks the whole time. I understand that pixel art is a form of building and can be very skillful, just most people that do it are copying it off a picture they found online.

Deducting points is definitely not they way to go, a lot of people vote meh on everything anyways.

That’s 100% the way to go about a solution to this if you find it a problem.

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That’s true. It is a difficult problem to try to fix. Everyone has their stance on the issue and I can’t really see Hive making a statement or taking action on it.


I don’t have any view on what ever ‘art’ people build. That’s exactly the game ‘just build’. The voting system is there for people to vote on what they like best, you don’t get an automatic right to more points because you think yours is a better idea. Art is subjective. I prefer a 3d build to flat one, but some subjects are hard and I’ve seen some great flat builds, that said - unless they were better than a 3d build I’d vote accordingly.

Personally I would rather have place cards for voting. 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and you issue them at the end once you’ve seen all designs. In it current format you’re almost forced to vote low for the first couple of builds because you don’t know what better builds are coming up and you need space to go higher or lower for subsequent ones.

My biggest problem with just build and what puts me off playing is the almost consistent profanity and sexual off topic builds. It’s constant, repetitive and boring. You can click report but in my experience nothing happens And the same player continues on each round. This is a problem during the day, but after 9pm say, it’s constant and ruins the game.

I play JB for fun and for some inspiration sometime. I didn’t mind pixel art if you could build a really wonderful one
like this:

well this might be too professional lol

But recently I found many people do pixel arts just because they are easier to do and to win, I played yesterday and I got 2rd, the first is still pixel art! So I was thinking this could be a problem.
As you said, people vote because they like, and pixel arts can be more easier to build better than 3D works, especially for some topic like cheese, sandwich or some complex ones. This can be unfair for some players, but you can’t say it’s wrong because everyone has different opinion. This is not like the problems of inappropriate builds to some extent.

Some I just provide my personal solution and I hadn’t thought of a better solution, someone above said hive could have a new mode for these painters, but I didn’t know if this could work.

And many people had discussed your biggest problem, but I saw no one seemed to discuss pixel arts so I started this topic, in fact I knew some players like pixel arts so I was trying to find a solution which can benefit for both.

Just Build will definitely meet these problems once it was released, and some can be very complex. I just hope Just Build could be better.
(a little messy, sorry)


I bump myself to see if I could get some more suggestions…

That would fit with the “theme of the arcade games” which is doing something different with the main hub games e.g CTF = TW, Ground wars = Skywars. It would make sense for DrawIt to be there.

I still think the floor pixel art is better than the other 90% win rate method where you just build something really mediocre that is exactly what the theme says and nothing more, but then you put arms, legs and eyes on it and suddenly you get 3 times as many votes

I might try this. :melting_face:

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But you could do something that’s kinda different.

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It isn’t really cheating…

Also I won a game of basically all pixel arts with my normal build so it is possible.

Oh, yeah, just don’t build pixel art!
I thought that was the point of the topic after all!

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