Display the costume you get for purchasing specific maps in the hub

The Hive has multiple adventure maps in the marketplace and each map rewards you with a free costume on The Hive if you purchase one. But the issue here is that the costumes you get for purchasing a certain Hive map are not displayed anywhere on the store page or in the hub.

The only way to find out what costume you’ll get for purchasing a Hive map is by asking people on the forums or on Discord, OR looking through the unlocks list on The Hive’s website and then finding a image of it on Google, because the Hive website doesn’t display any images of what the map costumes look like. It’s not a very convenient thing to do.

My suggestion is to add a NPC that displays what costume you get with purchasing a specific Hive map. Like this:

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Yea this might be cool for people to see if they also want the free costume with the map!
Voted, it should also show the name of the costume and all of that stuff


Oh, I thought you actually got the costume it showed LOL! I was literally going to buy it earlier just for the costume, guess not now. Voted!


Exactly. That can be quite confusing as well.


u mean u don’t get the wumpus costume?

Grumpus, not Wumpus. That is Discord LOL!


I am bumping this post because I want to point out that this NPC advertising Grumpus Tale is an actual costume now. So this is even more likely to cause more confusion on what costume you’ll get for purchasing the Grumpus Tale Marketplace map.

At this point The Hive should change the NPC advertising Grumpus Tale to the Ice Golem costume, otherwise you may disappoint people in the future who will assume that Grumpus is the costume they will get for purchasing the map.

I know that the winter themed hub will be gone in early January and so will this NPC, but this should be taken into consideration for next Xmas.

I though u actually get grumpus when buying the grumpus tale
Yea this Quality of life change would be useful. Voted


I bought it but had costume isnt to good but I got the mj owns u skin from it so it’s worth it :sunglasses: