Display Minigame Unlocks on the Support Website


(I searched if this was suggested before, however I did not find anything, I’m sorry if it has already been suggested!)

Alright, so we all know that the hive’s support website has a page dedicated to unlocks (costumes, avatars & hub titles), it would be great if all the minigame unlocks would be listed there as well.

More information:

To put it simply; there should be a category for each minigame with sub categories displaying all the minigame unlocks and what level they are unlocked at (if it was an unlock obtained during an event, it would be put under Unobtainable SkyWars Unlockables at the very end of the SkyWars category), an example of this would be;

Skywars Unlockables:

Spawn Vehicles:

  • Cloud - Default Spawn Vehicle,
  • Hoverboard - Unlocked at SKY level 3.
  • Hoverbike - Obtained by Purchasing the SkyWars Collectors Bundle.

and so on…

Unobtainable SkyWars Unlockables:

Spawn Vehicles:

  • Eggman - Could be purchased for 50 Rings from The Ring Shop, during the Hive x Sonic event.

and so on…

I hope I got my idea across without any confusion :sweat_smile:

The Hive Team can of course alter how the support page would look like when displaying these Unlocks! :slight_smile:

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