Discord Server Boosters Should Get a Pet

Hello, FourCandy here!

So currently a Nitro booster of The Hive’s Discord server and the only thing I get is a costume and a hub title. Now with the pet update coming very soon, I think it would bee a nice idea to add a pet for Nitro boosters because I and other people don’t get much for 9.99$/month.

Images of the concept model.

(Tbh Fowben would have done a MUCH better job at the texturing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

Well now, that’s all I have. Give me ways to improve this. Bye!


This could be a great addition especially when they animate it and have it fly around the player


that looks so cute omg

While I think it’s really cute, I think that it’s cool for pets to remain a bit more exclusive, like the proposed Time Owl pet after 500 days or so loginstreak, or the upcoming Cubee pet. When you pay the $9.99, you are paying for all the nitro perks as well as an additional two boosts, as you’re paying for Discord Nitro primarily, and as well as receiving The Booster hub title, Booster Bee discord role and role icon, and the Chumpus costume if you decide to boost the Hive discord. :blobheart: It might be cool if it was something that you received after boosting the server twice?


I don’t know too much about boosting as I don’t have discord nitro lol, but maybe they should do the same with the Chumpus costume. Maybe you only get the pet for how long you are boosting the discord server for.

Sure, we can also keep it two boosts, but

I don’t agree with that because the booster bee role and icon are just cosmetic appearances, and you don’t get many benefits in The Hive Discord server which doesn’t make it worthwhile to boost a server which as over three hundred boosts. Adding screensharing abilities could fix that and let’s let the public decide what they want :slight_smile:.

  • 1 Boost?
  • 2 Boosts?

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Screensharing permissions is likely something that won’t be added, as it’s there to ensure that the rules are followed since we can’t verify the safety or if what is being streamed is appropriate. =)


please tell me you kept the concept file?


xDDD I still miss the time owl pet

Ye I did XD.

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