Disconnected from servers


So few hours ago i play in this server normally, going alot of exploration in the hub. After an hour i decided to play Hide n Seek, when the game start after few seconds the game crash so i back logging in when join the servers it says “Disconnected from server”. Did i got banned or something else? And if i use cosmetics from behavior pack from third parties ist that allowed? And is that the reason i got banned?

kindly asking, are you reporting a bug as you’ve put this discussion on #suggestions. Do note that you can ask questions from hive helpers from Hive’s Official discord server.
here: Hive Games 🐝
Have a good one :smile:

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It required me to join the server first to chat in discord, but the problem is i cannot join the server that mean i cant chat in discord w

Don’t you have any discord account?, In that case you will have to create it first to setup discord and join hive’s discord.