Disable some tools in Custom Servers

Should be able to disable the sword, pickaxe, or axe upon spawn in a custom server. Don’t see why it shouldn’t be in the game.

I don’t think it is possible for Hive to do something like this because your literally disabling an item that is important to the game. Also it is luck based so if you mine either a diamond or emerald (and sometimes gold) ore you are likely to have a sword.

tbh hive could remove the stone sword altogether, the iron pick does the same amount of dmg. It’s an interesting idea, making the spawn items customizable. Could be good, idk.

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custom server bro

good idea
maybe it could also let you choose the version of a tool (diamond instead of iron, etc)

that would be cool too

just drop the tool if you don’t want to use it

nah bro its for big custom servers like for streamers cause no way 50+ people are gonna listen

plus my friends do not listen to me bruh :skull:

anyone got anything else to add? cause lowkey i feel they should add more