Diamond generator mis translation

Affected Language:
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Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
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treasure wars

Affected Text:
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Diamente Invocador

Suggested Text:
the text should be translated as “invocador de diamantes” or “generador de diamantes”

Explanation of Issue:
What is wrong with the text, and why would your suggested improvement be better?
the text is wrong as it is mis-translated and doesn’t mean diamond generator

Screenshots and/or video:

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Whilst I understand the confusion here, this translation is actually correct, as it is an accurate translation of the English string, ‘diamond summoner’.

It looks like we decided to change the translation to ‘generador’ to make it clearer for Spanish-speaking players a couple of years ago but missed this string, among a couple of others; I’ve gone ahead and fixed these.

In BedWars, we’ll be changing the English string to ‘generator’ to make things easier to understand in other languages.