Diamond Costs Buff

Idea/Goal: Make Diamonds more viable for both short-term and long-term.

Iron armor should cost 20 diamonds instead of 32, and snowballs should cost 2 diamonds for 8 instead of 1 emerald for 6.

What this changes about gameplay:

The goal of this change is to make gathering diamonds a way to combat teams controlling the emerald generators. The cost of diamond armor has been nerfed in the past, and I see that as a good change. But, iron armor is still way too expensive to be viable for short-term games. If the cost was buffed down to 20 diamonds, people may farm diamonds as a way to upgrade their armor to tank other teams. The snowball change would also prevent people who control the emeralds from getting a large number of projectiles. With the current prices, a team controlling mid would have enough projectiles to stop anyone from crossing bridges. If snowballs could be bought with diamonds, everyone would have a chance at bridge denial, and may even allow a different team to take control of the emeralds.

Keep in mind this is all a suggestion, and you are allowed to have your own opinion on the matter. Also, I recognize that people have asked to lower the price of iron armor in the past.

No the snowballs are perfect.

No one touch my precious balls


With iron I’d like it to be down to 16 diamonds, but I agree with that, however I don’t think snowballs should be touched


I agree with the iron armor nobody ever used it

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