Destructive boom box

It is rly annoying when people build forts around their base and bow at you to make it impossible to cross over to them so I propose a destructive boom box that would also add knockback to the players. That would allow you to cross without them bowing at you. The box would explode on impact and create a hole that was 3 blocks away on all sides. It could only break blocks placed by someone.

if this happens to be a duplicate or a terrible idea like all my other posts then plz don’t get mad :slight_smile:

I wasn’t really aware that this was an issue in SkyWars… though I can’t pretend I play that game a lot :joy: . This sounds like a good solution but I’m curious what people who play this game more often think. BTW, you don’t have to always include that disclaimer on your posts :penguin: :slight_smile:

I’ve played nearly 2000 games in SkyWars, and this isn’t actually very common. The only players that do this are usually noobs (new players), or people who like to camp at their base. When it does happen, it’s very annoying, and I can see the problem here. You aren’t meant to camp at a certain island, besides middle. This would reduce camping, and make the game a little bit more fast-paced.

Something that would have to be changed though is the difference between this and Treasure Wars. Treasure Wars’ boombox takes a couple of seconds to charge. I think that this should just take a normal amount of time to charge

Another thing is that you should only be able to destroy player-made builds. If it got rid of any block, it would be fun, but not fun at the same time. Adding that as an option in custom servers could be great though.

There’s my thoughts :slight_smile:!

I have never seen people turtle in skywars.
This would make the game chaotic and less playable.
Sorry but no

”I have never seen this happen, therefore it does not happen.”

Have you ever seen it happen @unikern1o? If so, how often? Very curious if this is an actual issue many players see :slight_smile:

To add on my post, I’ve only seen it in Nintendo Switch Edition, and most likely other consoles. It doesn’t seem to ever happen on PC.

when i used to played hive it didn’t happen very often but it happened often enough for me to notice it. i play on pc but sometimes people would just build forts around their base lol

also sometimes trappers will build some kind of contraption

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ive got just over 1k wins but have never seen someone build a fort (ok fine maybe like twice)

also moles happen quite a lot but a block breaker doesnt really solve that

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Tbh, a tracking compass solves the problem of moles. The only problem with that is that sometimes people are trapping.