Deathrun wrong translation(es-mx)

Affected Language: (es-mx)

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):


Affected Text: “Ganaste Speed”

Suggested Text: “Ganaste Velocidad”

Explanation of Issue: hi, i was playing deathrun in the hive (because i love parkour) and i see a wrong translation

when you gain speed in deathrun the text says: “You Gained Speed” (i think that is the text in english)

because i see this wrong translation: “Ganaste Speed” (i see 2 words in 2 languages).

i think that “Ganaste Velocidad” is the correct text here, because is in 1 language.

( i don’t know if the translation is possible due the server limitations)

Screenshots and/or video:

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Thanks for submitting a translation suggestion.

Unfortunately, we can’t implement translations for potion effects at this time due to limitations within our code. However, we want to get around to this in the future!