DeathRun Prestiging

We all know that Treasure Wars is a PvP game and prestiging is a thing in Treasure Wars. But what do you guys think of prestiging in DeathRun?

If you like the idea vote
Any questions let me know :point_down:


pretty sure they’ll add more levels first but yeah why not

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Yeah, I’d love to see more levels in DR. I’m not sure if that comes in the form of prestige or just adding more levels, however.

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I hope they will add prestige once 100 levels gets added

NOOOOO prestiges are so annoying hive should add new gamemodes not levels and prestige

Prestiging is optional

Prestige is good
Instead of doing thousands of games every month and not working towards something, there’s 500 more levels
Plus it’s optional
Plus it doesn’t take long to do for hive
Plus game modes and content still gets added (TW seasons)

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All games will get prestige if/when they get 100 levels.