Deathrun no respawn mode

This is a short suggestion, I think right now deathrun is just a race to the end, which is okay on itself. I do think being a Death is pointless since the players can just respawn. I know alot of people love deathrun as it is, so that’s why I’m suggesting adding a new mode “No Respawn” which if you die, you can only spectate the game for that round, also this would make the game have more of a meaning to be a Death

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Maybe if it’s a suggestion, it should go to #games:suggestions.

But anyways, people could just not want to go to the end, and I think the traps are very overpowered, you can just not avoid a lot of them. So I’m not sure about my opinion on this, but it might be good to give a chance to win for the death if nobody completes.

The point here would be for the players to have to try to make the deaths use the traps to early. Also I forgot to mention but the point if something like this would happen there would be a timer, 5-15min or so, and yes the point is to make Death win alot more.

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Hmmm Maybe 3 Lives or 5 ? The little problem of this idea is that DR hasn’t a good amount of players, TW is very popular so it has a few variants, but DR… it has like 300 players in average (Didn’t sure) and I think DR players would not switch to the « Life Mode » because it’s too hard.
But I still agree with this idea.

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This is a good suggestion but could use some changes.

  • Each player should have 3 lives instead of 1

  • Games should have 24 players instead of 20

  • Decrease the time it takes for a leap to recharge from 15 seconds to 10 seconds to balance out the difficulty


Not a bad idea. Thanks for sharing!

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