Deathrun Map Variants

I think Deathrun can be quite boring because you just remember all trap placements

:skull: I think Deathrun should have map variants with different traps placements. It is cool, because you can’t predict trap placements

Do you mean different versions of each map with different turns and such or like the same map but with different traps?


I mean different versions of each map with different turns (and traps sometimes)

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Deathrun is a game that gets repetitive really fast. After playing a while, you’ll know all the maps. I would love to say the deaths make each game different, but they really don’t. They’re all 5 year olds that either don’t know how to activate traps, tp to the next trap so they run all game with you, or target first place.

Deathrun maps are huge, so they take a long time to make. Map variants would make it a lot less repetitive. There is a huge problem with this though, speed runners, the people who care about their best times. Map variants would ruin that, some variants would be faster than others, making it super hard and annoying to track the record. So, my solution is to mirror the maps. Which means only one extra variant per map, but still better than none.


The idea is good :+1:
But as @DaWhadurMonz said it could be difficult to implement. And can cause many problems.
Still Voted.