DeathRun Map Barriering

Stop turning DeathRun maps into a box.

More information:
Can you tell whoever made Village, Toys, Metropolis, Synthwave, and/or Temple to stop putting barrier ceilings in their maps? And also stop putting barriers above the portals connecting to said ceiling? Ruins the ability to fly around the map as a spectator or with infinite leap custom setting.


I just want to clarify when you said “probably all the same person”…the Hive build team is a team and multiple people work on creating one map. If you wanted to spectate outside, you can go to replay mode. Also I think that’s why they have barriers…so hackers don’t fly out of the maps

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I wanted to explore Toys. But I have a few good leap times which rely on the barriers.


Then people would find glitches on the first day it came out, where you can walk on the barriers. CHANGE MY MIND


A lot of other maps don’t have barriers already, like zoo, and the only way to escape the map there is by using infinite leap in cs, currently your not able to hit the roof on many outdoor maps from what I am aware of, so if they already did it and it’s fine, I don’t see why it couldn’t be done

Did that change your mind?

some maps are made by single people (survival is made by kwirky) so the fact that 3 maps all have that distinct feature makes it possible

also, none of the other maps have been absolutely boxed in like toys village and metro, so why should we be barred from exploring them using insta leap

and to your point about hackers, they can just use no-clip (sorry for lack of better term) and bypass the barriers

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Hive probably won’t change this for exploration reasons because you can already go into a replay and toggle no clip to explore

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Some ppl don’t have replay pass, and also if you’re bored while spectating (playing in a party, waiting for something, etc) you might wanna see the outskirts of the map or find a cool screenshot point


Exactly but come on you have to agree with me

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Not if it’s done properly. Map exits aren’t as common it boils down to how the barriers are laid out, for example there’s no(to my knowledge) map exits in Seaside, but yet you can still exit as a spec or inf-leap.

Now Synthwave and Temple have the same thing :face_exhaling: