Deathrun LVL 75

Deathrun is kind of a boring game because once you reach lvl 40 you move on to next games
So my idea is to add more levels MAXIMUM OF 75.

The Perks Are:

LVL 41: New Hub Title: SuperSonic
LVL 42: New Avatar: Naruto Running Man
LVL 43: New Cape: Forest
LVL 44: New Death Avatar: Raging Face
LVL 45: New Leap Effect: Skulls
LVL 46: New Running Effect: Fire
LVL 47: New Hub Title: Blazer
LVL 48: New Avatar: Lightning
LVL 49: New Cape: Sunset
LVL 50: New Running Effect: GG!
LVl 51: New Avatar: Flash At The Speed Of Light
LVL 52: New Death Avatar: Lightning
LVL 53: New Cape: Crown
LVL 54: New Hub Title: FlashER
LVL 55: New Running Effect: Hearts
LVL 56: New Avatar: Finish Line Flag
LVL 57 New Leap Effect: Donut
LVL 58: New Death Avatar: Demon Face
LVL 59: New Hub Title: HAH IM FIRST!
LVL 60: New Running Effect: Lightning
LVL 61: New Cape: Struck By Lightning!
LVL 62: New Avatar: Naruto Running
LVL 63: New Death Avatar: Crown
LVL 64: New Running Effect: Thunder Cloud
LVL 65 : New Cape: The 7 Seas
LVL 66 : New Leap Effect: Thunder And Lightning Clouds
LVL 67: New Avatar: Fire Eyed Demon
LVL 68: New Running Effect: Electricity
LVL 69: New Hub Title: I Am A God Of Running
LVL 70: New Death Avatar: Man Struck By Lightning
LVL 71: New Avatar: Lightning
LVL 72: New Hub Title: I Am THUNDAH!
LVL 73: New Cape: Lightning And Thunder Cloud
LVL 74: New Hub Title: Faster Than The Universe
LVL 75: New Costume: King Death

It Will Be Really Awesome If Hive Added DR LVL 75 As a thing.


Feels a bit too high for a game like deathrun imo but still a cool suggestion.

more levels in dr has been suggested before Deathrun Update

Why do you have like 20 rewards solely based on thunder and lightning? Also I’m not sure if this fully counts as dupe since more focus is on cosmetics than levels being added

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yeah it’s not fully a dupe but the levels part were

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This is kinda like my deathrun update idea

dupe suggestion?

I can see that you put a lot of effort into this, but (as you might not know) all of the non Hub title cosmetics can also take a while to create. Many Hive games do need refreshment, including deathrun. You’ve got good ideas, just maybe slow down the amplification, every level probably shouldn’t give you another cosmetic.

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It’s a dupe suggestion but I still want to say these.

I agree with this comment, you made it so it’s like some game about Sonic, not Deathrun. You also added so much things about Sonic and Naruto.

And every level has a reward, why?

Duplicate suggestion.