“death” wins

I become “death” a lot of the time. But as far as I know there is no way of getting a win as death.

I have two suggestions for this. My first idea is that when you, as death, keep a certain amount of people from finishing (example: 5 people dont finish) you also get a win. My second suggestion would be that you can win by getting a certain amount of kills, (say 20 for example). There’s always negotiation possible since not everyone would be able to get 20 kills but it’s just the rough idea.

I get that there’s a lot of AFK people in deathrun games (which u can report btw). and this may not make the first suggestion very effective, but the second one can always work since a lot of people only target first or rq when they get get death.

Since the whole point of “death” is to prevent/ make it more difficult for the runners to finish. I would like to also be able to win in a way.

Maybe this could also lead to people not constantly targeting the first runner, but focus more on the rest of the runners since than they can get a win too.

This is such a good idea, voted!


I personally think you need more people to not finish instead of two.


One time I was death and basically HALF of the players didn’t actually finish, if a quarter of the players didn’t finish or half don’t finish to the end “Death” wins.

It really isn’t a win for Death if only two players don’t finish, it’ll be more impressive if half or a quarter didn’t finish. Voted!


I love the idea of deaths winning, but i think this isnt a good way go approach this, for two conflicting reasons:

  1. AFK players
    afk players will give the death one free player towards the goal

  2. Deathrun is easy
    good players almost always reach the end, no matter what the deaths do.

This is a hard problem to solve, but we will all just have to think of a solution. I’ll start:
maybe the timer could be drastically decreased, in order to creat a challenging game?


It could also be reaching a certain amount of kills.


I like this idea! While I don’t have any problems with the way the death system is right now, I do think an XP bonus and a new stat to keep track of would be a decent addition.

At the same time though, I don’t think it’s necessary. It is relatively difficult to stop people from winning as death and so I think people would rather have their performance measured in kills over “wins”


I agree that there should be a way of winning as a Death, however there is currently no suitable way of applying that to the current style of DeathRun.

The suggestion to have Deaths win if there are two or more people that do not finish has some flaws to it. First of all, AFK players would guarantee a win, no matter how many other players finish. Furthermore, this would encourage Deaths to have one player go to the goal and just keep the rest away, as this is the new way to win. Always killing the player in first place would not make any sense, as all players then finish within a shorter period of time.

To make the suggestion of Deaths being able to win work, we would need some sort of Runner lifes. Once you’re out of lifes, you would die. This would make runners play both passive and aggresive and make the game a true ‘DeathRun’ instead of a game where you just casually work your way to the other side. However, this has already been suggested before I think.


Oh yes, I’ve seen two posts about runner lives before. It could make the game more exciting I think.
But will this be added in the future?


It could, or it could not. :man_shrugging: We have no way to know for sure since I don’t think it’s on the roadmap.


I am not sure about this but I believe deaths get more XP by killing players than runners get XP by completing the round. If it’s true then I would say a ‘win’ for the deaths shouldn’t be necessary.
I’ll check later if my thoughts are true and put an edit here.

Edit: after some games I got the following results:
- as a runner you get different amounts of XP depending on what map you are playing on

  • In each map I got around 130-145 XP by completing the round
  • as a death you get XP depending on the amount of kills and types of kills(double,mega,…). A table can be seen here
  • i managed to kill 22 people in a round and I got about the same amount of XP a runner would get.
    This means it is indeed possible to get more XP as a death than a runner and that a winning XP reward isn’t that necessary.

As a runner?


*as a death. (Edited now)


Voted! Most grinders would gain an extra 100 wins from this, seeing as the average death odds are 1/10.