Damage Bug w/ Diamond and Sharp 1 Iron

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Skywars-Kits Solos, EU, Wild Wood

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I was fighting someone and we both had 9 armour bars, with the only enchanted piece being fire prot leggings. I had a sharp 1 iron whilst they had a diamond sword. From testing I concluded that they did the same amount of damage which is backed up from them having the same base attack damage, yet in the fight I dealt half a heart per hit, whilst they did 1 hour per hit, losing me the fight despite hitting them WAY more times. I know of no explanation for this hence Iā€™m reporting it

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Nintendo Switch, Version 1.18.32

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SS + Vids are hard on Switch so heres the replay ID.

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Both the diamond sword and iron sharpness sword do the same damage, the only difference in that fight was that the person against you had more armour.

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